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How to Build a Better Boy (2014)

How to Build a Better Boy (2014) Mae and Gabby are two friends who go everywhere together but they are not very popular in their school. Their classmates always pressure because they have not had a boyfriend so to avoid further setbacks, the girls put in place a plan to create the perfect boyfriend. Both

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Sleeping Beauty (1959) In a faraway kingdom, King Stefan and Queen Leah thankfully welcome the birth of their daughter, the Princess Aurora, a beautiful baby. But the day of the christening’s Princess Aurora, the evil fairy Maleficent appears, cursing the princess: On her sixteenth birthday, Aurora will prick her finger on the spinning wheel and

Let It Shine (2012)

Let It Shine (2012) Let It Shine is a Disney musical film release in 2012, it stars Tyler James, Coco Jones and Trevor Jackson. The film takes place in Atlanta, where a young and talented boy has his dream stolen by his best friend who takes credit for all the songs he has made, but